What is cielo24?

cielo24 provides high quality and timed searchable media data and media intelligence to power video discovery (SEO and search), engagement (captions, extend reach to 2nd language viewers, related content), ad targeting (Google tier II adwords) and asset management (topics, keywords, etc) through a single platform on a video by video basis. Our same output is available across platforms (Kaltura, Echo360, YouTube, etc.) on demand and can handle thousands of videos a day, at high quality and speed.  


cielo24 provides high quality transcripts, searchable captions, and media data. It starts with your video or audio files that cielo24 transcribes to unleash the value from your content. You can upload multiple file formats (HTML5 compatible video formats i.e. .mp4, .mp3, .mov, .wav, etc.) to be processed.  Before submitting a job request you are able to choose a desired turnaround time, fidelity, and language for the transcription to be processed. We support customizable on demand turnaround times for professional level quality transcription. We can provide return for Critical work as quickly as 3 hours, or Priority (24 hour), or Standard (48 hour), or Custom (72 hour+) turnaround times for all uploaded media based on service needs. All job submissions can be processed at the Professional (99% Accuracy), Premium (94-96% Accuracy) or Mechanical level (70-80% Accuracy) and is determined by how you submit your job request.


With any cielo24 account or sub-account you can enable Customer Authorization including email notifications when a job is queued for approval. When enabled, all requests that are submitted must be approved before processing or incurring costs. Unwanted jobs can simply be deleted prior to processing.


cielo24 processes all jobs to perform transcription at your requested fidelities and turnaround times and includes optional progressive return functionality to deliver multiple versions of a transcript at each completed fidelity. We can include a glossary at a global account or subaccount level to produce you the highest quality captions.


Where supported, video platform integrations can be configured to auto return caption data. All content is always returned to your cielo24 portfolio for download. We also offer a Customer Review option where you can edit and save captions for any job processed prior to returning.

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