Panopto Integration Instructions

Getting Started

1. Log in with an Administrator account > expand System > select Caption Services.
2. Enable the cielo24 captioning service for your desired fidelity and turnaround time.

3. Once turnaround time is enabled, click Edit and input your cielo24 username and password that was provided to you. 

4. Click Save


Assigning Roles

1. After enabling any of the above services, there is an additional option to allow any user to request this service level. If this box is checked, any creator or videographer account can request captions for their recording

2. If you choose to restrict access to certain users, leave the above box un-checked.

3. You can enable the ability to order captions by assigning the Caption Requester role to a user.  

  • Go to Users – Select a user – Click Roles – Check the box for Caption requester 
  • Note that all admins will still be able to request captions


You can find a video tutorial on setting this up HERE.


Submitting Caption Requests

You can set caption requests to occur on a whole folder or a per job basis:

Folder Captioning

Folder captioning will automatically caption any new recordings that are added to a Folder. Automatic captioning will not go back and request captions for sessions already in that folder.

  1. Go to All Folders > click the Settings icon next to desired folder > Settings tab > Choose your preferred provider in the dropdown (you can choose different providers for different folders)
  2. Once enabled, all new files uploaded to this folder will automatically be sent to be captioned



Per File Captioning

You can also submit individual caption requests at a per job basis.

1. Go to All Sessions > click the Settings icon next to desired session > Captions tab > Request Captions > Choose desired service level > Click Order


2. Once Requested you’ll see the ‘Status’ at an individual session basis where requesting was previously possible:


3. Admins can go to SystemCaption Requests to see the current status of any caption request.



You can find a video tutorial on ordering captions HERE.


More information can also be found here:

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