Setting up the Kollective Integration:

  • Go to MediaCenter and login with your Kollective username and password
  • Once logged in navigate to the top left corner and go to Manage > Extensions
  • Click Register New Extension
  • Input "transcribe_translate" in the text box
  • Click Add to Repository

  • Once the new Extension is added to your repository click the Gear icon under Actions
  • Fill-in:
    • cielo24 API URL: https://api.cielo24.com/
    • cielo24 Username: <your cielo24 username>
    • cielo24 Password: <your cielo24 password>
    • Make sure Active is checked
  • Click Save

You can find a video tutorial on setting this up HERE.


Ordering Captions

As a global admin or content moderator role, you have the ability to submit a video for transcription or translation by navigating to your desired video and clicking on the three dots on the far right of the social feature icons. Once you click the dots, select Transcribe/Translate Video:


A popup window will list options to select for your transcription or translation:


  • Source Media Language: Language of video
  • Target Transcription Language: Desired language for caption file output
  • Fidelity: Professional, Premium, or Mechanical 
  • Priority: Standard (48 hour), High (24 hour)
  • Additional Instructions for Transcriber: Notes (such as special names and terms) that can be used by a transcriptionist to aid in the transcribing of video content

After you select Submit, the video will be sent to cielo24 for translation/transcription. You can then review the status of your transcription at any time by re-opening the Transcribe/Translate window and clicking on See Details next to Pending transcription:



Once complete, the caption file will automatically return to the video. You can see your caption file by going to a completed video and selecting the CC (Closed Captioning) icon. This will show over video playback and the user can select which language they would like displayed (if multiple language caption files were requested).



Downloading/Previewing your Caption file

Once your transcription is complete you can download or save a copy of the caption file from your video. You can access this caption file by going to Manage > Content and selecting a video that has been captioned. This will bring you to an edit page for your video.

Go to the Details tab and you will find all processed transcription languages available for download. You can also upload your own caption files using the Add button in the Details tab.



You can find a video tutorial explaining how to order captions HERE.

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