Mediasite Version 7.2.2

Mediasite support for cielo24 is via setup of a new Audio Transcription Template and Audio Transcription Profile in your system. Please find instructions to set this up below:

Mediasite Configuration

  • Login to Mediasite manager: http://<yourdomain>
  • Go to Settings > Audio Transcription Templates
    • Note: There should be a Audio Transcription Template already setup for you labeled Cielo24. If this Template is already setup you can move onto the Audio Transcription Profile step.
  • If there is no cielo24 Audio Transcription Template please follow directions below:
    • Name: cielo24
    • Server URL:
    • Tracking URL Format: (must use this exact URL)
    • Authentication Method: Password
    • Select Desired Caption/Media Formats
    • Click Add New (Fill out form):
    • Click Save

  • Go to Settings > Audio Transcription Profiles
    • Enter name for the profile: We recommend “cielo24-<language>-<fidelity>” (ex: cielo24-EN-Pro48)
    • Enter Description (optional)
    • Template: Select Cielo24 Template that was automatically created and provided.
    • Service Level: Select your desired service level and workflow for this specific Profile.
    • Put in your cielo24 Username and Password
    • Click Add
  • In the created Profile, click the Security tab to select groups/departments that have access to ordering captions for billing purposes.
  • You can find a video tutorial on setting this up HERE.

Ordering Captions with Mediasite:

Mediasite users can order captions at a template or at an individual presentation basis. Template configuration allows all presentations assigned to a specific template to automatically be captioned and returned. Users can also choose to submit caption requests at a per presentation basis if they do not want their caption requests to be automatically submitted. You can find a video tutorial on ordering captions using Mediasite HERE.

Template Configuration

  • Login to Mediasite manager
  • Go to Content and click Add New > Template
  • Fill in desired Title, Description, choose a Presenter, and select a Stream Group for your new Template.
  • Click Delivery tab and select Audio Transcriptions 
    • Select your created profile with desired fidelity and turnaround time
    • Click Save
  • You can now associate any new uploaded Presentation with this template by clicking Add New > Presentation > Change Template > Save 


Presentation Configuration

  • Go to Content and click on a Presentation 
  • Click on Edit tab
  • Click on Delivery tab below
    • Select Choose a Provider (select Profile created during configuration step).
    • Check Audio Transcriptions
    • Click Save

  • If you would like to caption multiple Presentations select your desired Presentations and click Manage Content > Add Delivery

    • Check Audio Transcriptions
      • Select Choose a Provider (select Profile created during configuration)
    • Click Save

Checking Status of Caption Requests

  • Click on a Presentation that was submitted for a caption request.
  • Under Summary tab, click Delivery tab
    • Under Audio Transcriptions it should say "The media file has been submitted to the provider for captioning."
  • To see your completed captions select a processed Presentation and click Watch in New Window in the Summary tab.
    • Click the CC button to see your captions on the Presentation.

Additional Option for Downloading Captions and Transcripts:

  • Log into cielo24 Portfolio with your username credentials
  • Select the desired video and click “Download Transcripts” or “Download Captions”


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