Mediacore Instructions

  • To configure captioning in the MediaCore Platform:
    • Log into MediaCore as an admin and under admin/settings setup a profile
    • Click on the gear icon and click “Site Settings
      • Settings Sub-menu click: “Transcription
    • Click ‘Add Profile’ in the top right
      • Name: Profile in accordance to workflow (i.e. “Professional 24h English”)
      • Under Vendor Select “Cielo24”
      • Username: Insert provided cielo24 username
      • Password: Insert provided cielo24 password
      • Transcription Fidelity: Select appropriate option for workflow (i.e. “Professional”)
      • Turnaround Time: Select appropriate option for workflow (i.e. “24 hours”)
      • Click “Save




  • Request Transcription via upload of a single or batch videos or from an existing video by clicking “Upload
    • Upload video directly or via a YouTube link and publish video
    • Select edit on the same video and under “Subtitles” dropdown select “Create transcript request” and hit “Update



  • Click on “Transcription” to approve all pending caption requests
    • Find the video in “Requested”’ state
    • Choose “Transcription Profile” appropriate for your workflow (i.e. “Professional 24hr English”)
    • Click the green “” to approve the video for caption processing.


  • Click on “Manage” and find the video you’ve requested
    • During processing you will see “Request submitted (transcribing)” under “Subtitles
    • When transcription is completed the transcript will automatically publish back to the video
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