Vidyard Integration


Configuring your cielo24 account within Vidyard

1. Log into your Vidyard account
2. Go to Account > Integrations
3. Under Integrations click on Cielo24


4. Enter the Username and the API key provided to you by cielo24 and then click Link Cielo24 Account.


5. You will now be able to order captions through your cielo24 account in Vidyard.


Ordering Captions

1. Log into your Vidyard account
2. Navigate to your Dashboard.

3. Scroll down to your various Players and select a video you want captioned.
4. Hover to highlight the desired video and select Chapter or Video.

5. Within Video, click on the Edit button

6. On the top right of the screen select the Captions tab

7. Select Request Transcription to pop-up the order module

8. Select the appropriate options for your transcription order:

  • Source Language (The language of your video)
  • Target Language (The target language you would like the video transcribed or translated into)
  • Identify Speakers (If this premium service option* is enabled (ON) then the speakers will be identified in your transcript. Speaker names can be included in the Job notes. *Note: incurs additional costs)
  • Job Notes (Notes for individual jobs can be added in the text box for the transcriptionist. Transcriptionists can use information such as key entity names, instructions (special guidelines), locations, etc. as notes to aid in creating the transcript)
  • Turnaround Level (Standard, Expedited, and Rush options are available)

9. Click OK

After you submit a caption request you can go back to the Captions tab to view the status of your request. Once the captions are complete they will automatically be delivered back to your video. 



You can find a video tutorial on using Vidyard with cielo24 HERE.

Any additional information on caption options in Vidyard can be found here

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