cielo24 Media Intelligence and Interactive Transcript Widget 3.0

All of the transcriptions cielo24 can provide also can include media data (timed transcripts) and intelligence (topics, keywords, adwords) to enhance content ROI by powering content discovery, engagement, ad targeting, and asset management.

In addition, cielo24 has an interactive transcript widget leveraging cielo24 proprietary Media data available for select integrations. The functionality include the ability to search within videos as well as:

  • Interactive transcript experience. The transcript is time stamped and synchronized to the video frame.
  • Displays cielo24 media intelligence including topics, keywords and AdWords.
  • Multi language support for native captions and foreign language subtitles.
  • Content search with heat map including words, topics, keywords, and entities.
  • For videos with multiple speakers identified, speaker search by color coded heat map and time stamps.
  • Complete customization including custom settings like social sharing, and transcript download.
  • Configurable social sharing of selected videos down to the specific caption across sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Ability to download and print transcripts including speakers and time stamps.


cielo24 Interactive Transcript Widget Instructions for Kaltura MediaSpace

The cielo24 interactive transcription widget and media data player for Kaltura MediaSpace:

  • Instructions for setting up a player:
    • Click on Plugin icon on bottom left
    • Click ‘Import Plugin
    • In Studio > Universal Studio > Edit your favorite player, create new player, or duplicate your favorite player


      • A dialogue box will pop up to insert a string:


    • Place the string below in the ‘Plugin Configuration String’:



Iframe compatible:


    • Under ‘UI variables’ you can now edit any values to customize the player display.


Variable Title VWRAP - Key > KMC UI Variables Default Values Notes / Description
Disable cielo24VWRAP.disabled FALSE Aborts VWRAP initialization.
Client Logo Image cielo24VWRAP.clientLogoImage - Adds client logo.
Client Logo Link cielo24VWRAP.clientLogoHref - Sets client logo link (if clientLogo is provided).
Sponsor Logo Image cielo24VWRAP.sponsorLogoImage - Adds sponsor logo.
Sponsor Logo Link cielo24VWRAP.sponsorLogoHref - Sets sponsor logo link (if sponsorLogo is provided).
Hide cielo24 logo cielo24VWRAP.hideCielo24Logo FALSE Hides cielo24 logo.
Disable cielo24 link cielo24VWRAP.disableCielo24Link FALSE Disables the link in cielo24 logo.
Target div ID cielo24VWRAP.domContainer - CSS selector to render the wrapper in the specified DOM element. If the string provided is not a valid css selector ("." / "#") then we assume the user meant "#" (id).
Enable Transcript cielo24VWRAP.transcriptEnabled TRUE Determines if transcript is enabled
Enable Captions cielo24VWRAP.captionsEnabled TRUE Determines if captions are enabled
Hide Transcript cielo24VWRAP.transcriptVisible TRUE Determines if captions are visible, dependant on transcriptEnabled.
Hide Captions cielo24VWRAP.captionsVisible FALSE Determines if captions are visible, dependant on captionsEnabled.
Hide Heatmap cielo24VWRAP.heatmapVisible TRUE Determines if the heatmap is visible.
Enable Download cielo24VWRAP.downloadEnabled TRUE Determines if downloading is enabled.
Enable Print cielo24VWRAP.printEnabled TRUE Determines if printing is enabled.
Enable Share cielo24VWRAP.shareEnabled TRUE Determines if sharing is enabled.
Search Position cielo24VWRAP.searchPosition ABOVE Determines where is the search bar with respect to the video. Valid options: 'above', 'below'. Default: 'above'.
Hide Speakers cielo24VWRAP.speakersVisible FALSE Determines if speakers are shown in the transcript.
Video Title cielo24VWRAP.videoTitle - Sets the title to use when printing / downloading the transcript.
Karaoke Highlighting cielo24VWRAP.wordHighlight FALSE Highlight the current word in "karaoke style".
Allows The User To Configure Karaoke Highlighting cielo24VWRAP.wordHighlightOption FALSE Allow the user to toggle the current word highlighting on or off from the settings menu.
UI Language cielo24VWRAP.language ENGLISH Languages are selectable from settings.
UI Theme cielo24VWRAP.theme BLUE Available options: dark, light, blue, green, red, orange, turquoise, accessible.
Start Time cielo24VWRAP.startTime - If set, determines the start time of the video playback.
Dynamic Search Variable cielo24VWRAP.searchVariable - If set, indicates the querystring variable name from which to retrieve the initial search query. If empty, this feature is disabled.
Initial Search Query cielo24VWRAP.searchQuery - Initialize the wrapper searching for the value of this option. Similar to searchVariable, but instead of retrieving the search query from the querystring, the query is defined as the value of this option.
Captions Font-Size cielo24VWRAP.captionsFontSize - Allows to override Captions font-size (needs units: px | em | rem). Default: ~15px in our internal CSS.
Transcript Font-Size cielo24VWRAP.transcriptFontSize - Allows to override Transcript font-size (needs units: px | em | rem). Default: ~13px in our internal CSS file




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