Brightcove Integration

cielo24 has a full integration with Brightcove, allowing you to order captions for your media right from Brightcove platform. In order to set up this integration, please provide your cielo24 Support Specialist with the following pieces of information from your Brightcove platform:

  • Brightcove Account ID
  • Policy Key
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

In order to find these pieces of information within your Brightcove account, please follow the steps below. Please note that you must be an account administrator in order to access any of this information.


Creating a Client ID and Secret:

First, please complete the following steps outlined below. These will show you how to retrieve your Client ID and Client Secret.


When logged into your Brightcove account please select your ADMIN dropdown. You will then select "API Authentication".


From here you will select the "Register New Application".


You will enter "cielo24" in the first text box. (You may leave the second description box empty)

Next, you will "select your accounts for authorization" by double-clicking and verifying that the account makes it to the right box.

Continue to select the following "Exposed Brightcove API's":


Video Read

Dynamic Ingest:


Push Files

Ingestion Profiles:

Configuration Read



Once that has been completed you will proceed to click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Please note that you will have to manually copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Once copied, please circle back to provide us with those two parameters.



Brightcove Account ID and Policy Key:

The next step is for you to provide us with your Brightcove Account ID AND your policy key to be able to allow cielo24 to automatically ingest media and return completed captions.

The policy key is automatically generated and managed for you. So, in most cases you will not need to request it or manage it. The easiest way to retrieve your policy key is to do the following:

Open the Players module and either create a new player or locate the player to which you wish to add the plugin.

Next, select the link for the player to open the player's properties. In the left navigation menu, select JSON Editor.


In the displayed JSON code, you will see the policy key:


Once you have gathered these 4 pieces of information, provide them to your cielo24 Support Specialist and they will happily complete your cielo24 - Brightcove integration!

Should you have any additional questions about your cielo24 JW Player integration, feel free to reach out to our dedicated Support team by emailing and we will be happy to assist you!

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